BIC – Batch-Image-Cropper v2

BIC is a Batch-Image-Cropper program.

It will read all of the following file-types from a given directory: *.bmp;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png;*.gif;*.tiff;*.emf;*.wmf;*.ico

Then it will cycle through all files and show you a cropping mask to crop the images.

It supports freeform rotation of the input images (press f) and a lot of additional hotkeys to speed up processing (press ? for a full list).

It will not change the input images, but save all cropped images to a dedicated “_BIC” sub-directory. Sorting out the results is totally up to you.

Supported output formats currently are JPG, PNG and BMP.

For JPG creation BIC can use sub-binaries. JPGE is used to create JPGs from temporary PNGs, as GDI+ enforces chrome sub-sampling by default and might change colors. ExifTool can be used to copy EXIF data from input JPGs to output JPGs.

If you find any bugs or limitations please let me know.


v1 > v2 – 2023, Apr 01
– Added “Color Adjustment” options
– Added “Set Aspect Ratio”
– Unicode support for EXIFTool and JPGE usage
– Added option to change border, corner and crosshair color
– Added _Rectangle_Profile_Set() and _Rectangle_Profile_Apply() functions
– Added option to save output files in input directory with “_BIC” appended
– Added “Set Rectangle Manually”
– Added several hotkeys
– BIC can now be integrated into AMT’s “Create Single Frame Screenshot” process

License & Disclaimer

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    It works fine at least on the 64bit Win10-1903 machines I tested it on.

    Thanks to GreenCan and his Visual Image Crop (GUI), which was the starting point for BIC.

    Thanks to Rich Geldreich for his JPGE tool Phil Harvey for his most excellent ExifTool (see binary directories for license and URLs).