SSD – Set Sound Device v4

Windows XP allows you to output sound to more than one audio device… Vista and newer Windows versions do not. To overcome this “Failure by Design”, (IMHO somehow related to DRM, preventing user to make digital copies of analog sources), I have coded SSD – Set Sound Device.

SSD enables you to change the default Sound Device by shortcut or command line.

Version 1.1 should fix the UAC prompt bug.
Version 1.3 adds compatibility for Win8 and the option to change the sound device “invisible” (on a separate Desktop).
Version 2 adds lots of new functionalities. Win10 compatibility, change recording devices, change audio or communication device separately, merge two separate output and recording device shortcuts and more
Version 3 adds Win 10 anniversary update compatibility and removes ini-file save to AppDataDir, portable install to program directory only.
Version 4 Ported to Autoit, minor improvements and bug fixes. Identified Win10-1703 issue, after the Update Windows sometimes “cleans” the entries in the sound control panel, initially blocking the “Sound” dialog until manually confirmed. Opening the “Sound” panel manually one time fixes this topic.

It works fine on my 64bit Win10-1703 machine. If you find bugs please let me know.
Kudos to: Ascend4nt and NerdFencer for parts of the code, and Yashied for his most excellent WinAPIEx UDF.

Please let me know if you found some piece of code in the source for which I forgot to mention a credit.

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