“Hello world!”, the only one true classic! Today a blog already seems to belong to the standard everyday survival kit like a driving license, a registered residence or your social security number… not really important, but you just have to have one… so I set-up my own :).

Not too much useful information here at the moment. Currently I’m more working on the technical background, the vast amount of available plugins, the Design and last but not least my category and tag structure. I think, I just hope that this will change over the next few weeks and I’ll start collecting here my “omnium-gatherum” (hey, thats a least what leo.org translates the german “Sammelsurium” into) of useful and/or funny links and software, of news I’m interested in and anything else which comes to my mind.

I started this blog in German, but soon decided to switch over to English cause it just enlarges my “potential” audience by factor 10-20.

Everyone who’s interested in the same topic is invited to pay regular visits to my site… and to everyone else I say…. “hey, it’s just me”…

Best Regards,