• Play Internet audio, image and video streams and RSS/RDF/ATOM/OPML feeds and podcasts on your TV, Stereo and other connected devices – The media server streams media from the Internet and delivers it to connected devices via HTTP, the only protocol supported by those devices
  • The only truly universal media server (including support for the Apple iPhone, Sony PSP, the Sony PS3, the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, The Nokia 770/N800 and many more devices) – Use the same server for home and mobile networked devices (with multimedia capabilities) whether they support UPnP AV / DLNA or just have a web browser or an RSS/Podcast Reader
  • Enter your own Internet URLs or select from the bundled Audio and Video Guides – The media server is bundled with hundreds of TV stations from all over the world and thousands of radio stations
  • Play your ENTIRE media collection on your connected device – Finally almost any content that plays in Windows Media Player can be played on any of the supported devices disregarding their codec limitations
  • Automatic Real-time Seamless Transcoding – Let the Media Server automatically detect when a given media needs to be transcoded for playback on your media player
  • Very fast browsing of your media library with unprecedented speed for huge libraries (up to 100,000 items and more) – The Media Server has a very short response time, allowing faster browsing of your media library
  • Advanced searching and smart playlists – The Media Server supports keyword searching as well as advanced search experssions and allows search results to be saved as playlists
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface – Control the media server locally or remotely by running the GUI as a web application (both MSIE and Firefox are supported)

TVersity is free of charge for HOME users for NON-COMMERCIAL use.