QuickPar is a graphical user interface for creating *.par2 Parity Volumes using the parchive Reed Solomon algorithm.

The original idea behind the parchive project was to provide a tool to apply the data-recovery capability concepts of RAID-like systems to the posting and recovery of multi-part archives on Usenet.

  • Damaged files can be repaired. A single byte error in a 10MB file might only requires the use of recovery data from a PAR file that is only 100KB in size.
  • There is no relationship between the size of the data files and the size of the PAR files. Also, the PAR files will normally be of varied sizes allowing you to pick the size you need appropriate to the amount of damaged data you need to repair.
  • Damaged PAR files will still be useable. PAR 2.0 can use the undamaged parts of a PAR file.
  • PAR files can be generated from a single source file without the need to split it. On UseNet, this removes the need to use RAR or any other file splitter. Please note however, that due to the limitations of some newsreaders (which do not permit the download of incomplete files), it is advisable to use RAR to split very large files.
  • It can handle up to 32768 files.